#paperfolding experiments for the @otisalumni feed

finished this macrame piece…it’s hanging off a piece of wood from abalone cove! and it’s using a knot pattern called Buddhist treasure mesh 🎏

spent a lovely evening at LACE with @horsehair and got to see the invitations I designed!

Hey Buddy is back! (hosted by the talented Karl Hess & Chris Garcia) Lee and I gave the ol’ poster an update for its new home at the Echoplex.

보자기 (pojagi) 

I have always felt a connection to and affinity for traditional handcrafts. The art of traditional American quilting has already been lost in my family, but my interest in my Korean ancestry lent itself to discovering and beginning an exploration of pojagi, a traditional Korean wrapping cloth made from fabric scraps.

This zine was an exploration of pattern, on paper, which I am more adept at manipulating than fabric. These are graphic renderings and collages of pojagi patterns with handmade Indian khadi cotton paper covers, and Korean washi liner paper on select editions. 3 color risograph.